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I'm going to write a bunch of stuff here about how to make high quality software, quickly, with other people.

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02 Nov, 2020

How you do QA is probably terrible. Let's chat about the worst "best practice" in quality assurance.


The Downward Spiral of Test-Later Automated Testing

25 Jul, 2020

If you're not doing TDD, your testing efforts can get away from you pretty quickly.


The Trap of Solution-First Thinking

24 Feb, 2019

How can we do better than "Best Practices"?


A Javascript to Typescript Conversion Case Study

11 Dec, 2018

We converted 60K LoC of Javascript to 86K LoC of typescript and learned a thing or two along the way.


Dynamic-Typing for Static-Typists

05 Nov, 2018

If you're not used to dynamically typed languages, and you have to work with one, it's worth spending some time learning about other quality measures like these...


Effective Technical Improvement

14 Oct, 2018

Tech debt is brutally hard to burn down. Here are some real strategies I've used.