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Code Slower

14 Dec, 2009

Can coding slower actually be faster overall?


The Future-Proofing Trap

21 Dec, 2009

Some thoughts on maintainability vs. future-proofing


Quality is the Constraint

05 Dec, 2010

How fast you go depends on how well you go.


Production-Quality Node.js Web Apps : Part I, The Basics

01 Jun, 2014

So you have a node.js app, but want to run it in production like a pro? Here are the basics.


Production-Quality Node.js Web Apps : Part II, Detecting Defects

03 Jun, 2014

Once you've got the basics of running a production node.js server figured out, it's time to go hunting for defects.


Production-Quality Node.js Web Apps : Part III, Preventing Defects

23 Jun, 2014

You're in production like a pro and you know how to find the defects and hammer them out. Now let's talk about preventing them entirely.


Reclaiming Value from Bugs and Outages: Thoughts on Post-Mortems

08 Mar, 2015

Post-mortems are a critical mechanism for driving massive improvements. Here's how.


The Quality Feedback Loop

15 Jan, 2017

Should you go for "Speed" or "Quality" in your dev practices? No.


Zero Defect Policy

28 Mar, 2018

There's a vastly simpler way to manage defects than what most teams do.


Dynamic-Typing for Static-Typists

05 Nov, 2018

If you're not used to dynamically typed languages, and you have to work with one, it's worth spending some time learning about other quality measures like these...



02 Nov, 2020

How you do QA is probably terrible. Let's chat about the worst "best practice" in quality assurance.


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